Can someone tell me how to do this?

1. Think of something kinda cool. 2. Do a somersault so all the cool gets to the top of your brain and is very concentrated. 3. Log in to tumblr. 4. Do some hand stretches (tumblr isn’t liable for injuries). 5. Word vomit your thoughts out into the bloggersphere. 6. Rest all your confidence and self-image on who replies, follows you, or acknowledges your existence. 7. Waste hours of time staring at the computer. 8. Repeat steps 1-8.

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this is my favorite song. not lying. thanks to austin watkins. love you, best friend. 

this is my favorite song. not lying. thanks to austin watkins. love you, best friend. 

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I can feel it. It’s fall. Can you feel it???


even when i’m happy

i’m still a little bit sad. 

things that make a tough day better

random kind words and hugs from the people i work with. 

a good table of guests.

quiet time.

remembering all that god has for me. 

words from a really good book. 

something quite funny. 

playing a game. 

a beautiful day to feel and breathe and see. 

today, it was the first one. i’m thankful for peter, oscar, david, travis, ed, sarah, seth, joseph, corn, ava, david, aaron, beth, jamie, adam, marcus, ellen, pam, mark, alex, josh, june, tammy, haley, and a few others. i’m thankful for their encouragement and their love. i couldn’t make it through without them. 

“She has a lively faith-appreciation of this great gift. SHe has opened up to the truth that everything she has is from God, that she is completely dependent on Christ, that "Jesus saves." Of course, on a given day she may come to worship more depressed than anything else. In this vale of tears no Christian life is an unbroken, upward spiral to the mountaintop. Yet the Christian’s basic orientation is one of joy and gratitude.”

Brennan Manning, The Importance of Being Foolish

love wins.

It’s finally settling in. So I read the book by Rob Bell. It was whatever, EXCEPT for chapter SEVEN. Read chapter SEVEN. 

He talks about the prodigal son. Each son has a choice as to which life he is going to accept. The son who left and returns gets to choose to live a life of guilt and servanthood or a life where he accepts his father’s full forgiveness. The son who stays gets to choose to live a life of frustration and resentment of making the “right choices” or a life where he can celebrate and enjoy having everything that his father has. 

I am LOVED. I am LOVED. I can choose to live in my own little hell. I can guilt myself or I can be resentful. OR I can choose to live the life of love that God has given me. Everything that is His is mine. I choose that. I choose it! 

I hope you choose it too! You are loved!